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Karen's Vision:

Empowering Healing Through Art

With unwavering conviction, I made the choice to remove my healthy breasts and ovaries – a decision I've never once regretted. Instead, I stand proud, recognizing the strength in my path.

My journey began fourteen years ago when my father's positive BRCA mutation test shifted the trajectory of my life. It's essential to note that BRCA mutations don't discriminate; they affect men too. I found myself testing positive for BRCA2, a mutation that presented me with an 87% lifetime risk of breast cancer and a 40% lifetime risk of ovarian cancer. The ticking clock of uncertainty led me to seize control, striking cancer pre-emptively.

Armed with positive results, I embraced the course ahead. A mere six weeks later, I underwent a transformative full hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Then, a mere two months after, I boldly faced a risk-reducing double mastectomy coupled with reconstruction.

Amidst these challenges, I carved a path of connection. I founded the BRCA Sisterhood, which has bloomed into an online haven, an exclusive peer support community for women on similar journeys, now 10,000 strong and growing. Together, we face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risks head-on, united in solidarity.

My journey wasn't without complications, leading to eight additional surgeries. Faced with these trials, I embraced an alternate path to beauty, adorning my left breast with a resplendent floral tattoo that gracefully covered my incision lines. This step birthed my passion for mastectomy tattoos, sparking a quest to empower fellow travelers in crafting their unique interpretations of beauty.

Support wears many faces: emotional, physical, the bonds forged through shared experiences. Whether confronting cancer or enduring chronic illness, I urge you to question, to educate, and to seek solace by reaching out for help.

In my heart, I firmly believe that knowledge fuels empowerment. It's now my life's purpose to offer solace to those confronting cancer or chronic illness. No one should tread this path alone. 

Together, we shatter isolation, replacing it with a tapestry of strength, connection, and unwavering hope.

Love Karen xoxo


Our Mission

EMPOWERink is on a mission to bridge the gap between art and healing, providing female and male breast cancer survivors with a unique form of recovery and outlet for self-expression. In partnership with skilled tattoo artists, EMPOWERink facilitates a transformative experience for individuals who have endured the physical and emotional scars of a mastectomy. This not only celebrates survival but also empowers individuals to reclaim their bodies, their identities, their confidence, and to redefine beauty on their own terms. EMPOWERink is more than just a service; it's a movement towards empowerment, acceptance, and artistic expression.

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