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Empowering Women and Men Through Art:
Redefining Beauty After Breast Cancer

Welcome to EMPOWERink – a trailblazing initiative dedicated to empowering women and men who have undergone mastectomies (unilateral or bi-lateral) due to breast cancer treatment or preventative measures.  

Our unique mission revolves around offering complimentary mastectomy tattoos, providing breast cancer survivors, previvors, and thrivers with a transformative opportunity to redefine beauty on their own terms.

As a pioneering organization, EMPOWERink stands as the first of its kind in Canada. Our vision is to bridge the gap between breast cancer survivors, previvors, and thrivers, and skilled tattoo artists who specialize in creating mastectomy tattoos. This artistic collaboration allows these remarkable women to regain control over their bodies, often for the first time since their mastectomy surgeries. 

At EMPOWERink, our goal is simple yet profound – we want every woman we serve to gaze into the mirror and witness not just a physical transformation, but a powerful journey of healing, renewal, and self-discovery. 

The artistry of mastectomy tattoos brings a sense of new beginnings, a source of inner peace, and a reflection of the strength that defines each individual.

Join us in celebrating resilience, artistry, and the indomitable spirit of women. 

EMPOWERink is more than an organization; it's a movement that embraces the true essence of beauty defined by the women who have endured, survived, and thrived beyond breast cancer.

How it all began...

Karen's Story

Karen Malkin Lazarovitz is the visionary behind EMPOWERink. Her personal journey inspired the creation of EMPOWERink and helped her to define beauty on her own terms.

Proudly featured in...

We are thrilled to have been included and featured in some of Canada's most reputable magazines and news networks. 


Helped Over 200 Women and Men Gain Back Their Power and Beauty!

"As the first male to attend and have the tattoo done, it was a wonderful experience. When I found out I had breast cancer I was shocked, but just moved on. When I was being prepped for surgery, I was asked if I wanted the nipple or any other reconstruction. Being a guy I said no, big mistake. The scar across my pec was awful, for the longest time I wouldn’t take my shirt off around other people. My daughter in law recommended this to me so I said what the heck and applied. Surprisingly I was accepted.

The chest part was done by an artist named EMMANUELLE, she did wonderful work. I wanted a little story to go with what I chose. The armour is supposed to represent our own ability to defend against the cancer, the cross on the plate is just for family history.I had the sleeve done to finish the family story. If there is a guy out there that sees this and has an ugly scar across your chest I highly recommend this, it will honestly make you feel better in many ways."

Doug C.


Let's Talk!

Please contact us for any of your service inquiries, sponsorship opportunities and/or advice on how to get involved. We welcome all interests and are here to assist you. 

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